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Remington 870

Remington has a great reputation and a rich history of manufacturing the highest quality 870 series of shotguns. They are also highly reputable in making 700 series rifles. However, when it comes to the world of shotguns, there is none like Remington 870. You can choose your preferable tactical version of 870 from us at the most reasonable prices.  This classic pump-action shotgun comes with many variants like 12, 16, 28, and 20 gauges.

The ultimate strength and durability of the Remington 870 are quite remarkable and it would be considered a great advancement in the modern design of shotgun if it was introduced at this time and age. It comes with a sleek classical line and the smoothest bind-free action. All these features make it hard to believe that this astounding shotgun has been around for more than 50 years. More than 11 million Remington 870 shotguns were made and this makes it the best-selling shotgun among all the different variations in history.

You can choose from dozens of configurations to take care of hundreds of applications based on your needs and preferences. You can go through all the models of this shotgun and buy Remington 870 online from us to know why exactly it’s one of the most versatile shotguns ever in the history of shotguns. It is highly reliable and durable because it is nothing but a solid block of steel. This foundation of Remington 870 gives it smooth shooting capability and it will let you take care of rock-solid action.

These are the reasons why the Remington 870 is considered to be the most trusted shotgun in the United States of America. It can fulfill any role you want it to as a shotgun. It can be your best option for deer hunting, home defense, small game, upland birds, clay pigeons, etc. It can your top-tier choice of a pump shotgun.

Remington - 870 Series

I have Glocks, .45s, Berettas, Remingtons. I like the marksmanship and the discipline that it takes to be a gun owner. I like the machinery. Being able to take it out and clean it is even more fascinating than having the gun.

Remington 870 tactical

If you have been looking for the most popular shotguns in the industry that are quite reliable then our Rem 870 tactical shotgun lineup should be in your consideration. We have the most trusted tactical shotguns of Remington 870 that are perfectly fine-tuned to take care of your specific tactical application needs and preferences. If you want to defend your turf and boost your score then these tactical shotguns are a must for you and you can opt for any of these to take care of your needs. Add versatility with high reliability and impeccable legendary strength of the model 870.

If you want to buy a new generation shotgun for home defense then the v3 tactical line of shotguns is the perfect choice for you. These are lightweight, reliable, and offer soft shooting with the V3 platform design. It utilizes the patented Versaport gas system that makes it a popular variant of the Remington 870 tactical in the market. These come with ergonomic features similar to pro series field guns. The features and capabilities of these shotguns make them the most suitable shotgun of this century to defend your home properly from any type of danger.

There are Rem 870 side folder tactical that is quite easier to transport and store when this model is folded. This is designed by keeping the comfort and usability of the shooter in mind. Among all Remington 870, tactical the model 870 tactical Magpul is quite popular because it is rugged and highly reliable. After all, this model has evolved continuously. This is why it will give you a tactical edge in every scenario. Then there is Model 870 Synthetic Tactical which is an ideal 12 gauge utility gun that will provide you with 5-shot or 7-shot capacities. These are a few variations of Remington 870 tactical shotguns and there are more like Model 870 Tactical 6-Position Stock, and Model 870 Synthetic Tactical 7-Round. Whether you want personal defense or to participate in the competition, Remington 870 tactical shotguns are your best companion.

remington 870
remington 870 magazine extension

Shoot, hunt, compete or defend. Choose legendary Remington ammo for every trigger pull.

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