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With the help of the fine folks at Remington, the armorer and gunsmith can now have a kit with tools we have adapted from ­factory designs for repairing and maintaining what has probably become the world’s most popular pump shotgun—the Remington 870. Special thanks has to go to the entire Remington organization for recognizing the importance of proper tools to the gunsmith. This tool kit makes it easier for the ­armorer or gunsmith to repair the 870 at the bench or in the field. Even though some of the tools may seem like overkill, keep in mind that the designs are based on the factory’s years of experience and are intended to stand up to constant use. Whether you’re a ­department armorer or a civilian gunsmith who sees only sporting 870s, you’ll have the right, factory-type tools to take apart an 870, make the repairs, and put it back ­together.


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